International Conference “Sustainable Urban and Regional Development – Research and Policy Challenges for the Asia-Pacific Rim”, at Renmin University of China.

From left to right and from top to bottom:

Ruyu Zhao
Discussion on the Market Theory Based on the Incomplete Market Premise

Roger Stough (Co-chairman)
Development of Self Innovation in China: Market Adjustments in South and East Asia

Qiang Zhang
The strategy of Rural Revitalization and the sustainable development of rural society

Peter Nijkamp (Co-chairman)
Global Cities as Sustainability Champions – A Double Kuznets Curve Analysis of Urban Environmental and Climate Performance

Minjun Shi
Urban Transformation:Induced Adaptive Institutional Change Under Water Resource Constraint Based On A Case Study Of Beijing

Manqi Jiang
Characteristics of Regional Industrial Chain and Its Optimization in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Area

Ling Xue
The impact of carbon trading market integration on location choice of heterogeneous firms in China: an ACGE analysis

Keyun Zhang
Agglomeration Size and Structure in Xiong’an New Area

João Romão
Integrative diversification of wellness tourism services in rural areas: An operational framework model

Jiuwen Sun (Co-chairman)
Professor at Renmin University of China

Janet E. Kohlhase
Labor Force Diversity and Firm Survival

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal
Schumpeterian Creative Class Competition, Innovation Policy, and Regional Economic Growth

Xueling Guan
Dean of School of Economics, Renmin Univ. of China

Yaomin He
Vice President of Renmin University of China

Zheng Wang
An Analysis of the Poverty Cause in the Contiguous Destitute Areas with the Perspective of regional science Theory

Zuoquan Zhao
The Spatial Evolution of Chinese Economy:Facing The Belt and Road Strategy From Inland